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Post  Thalmor Justiciar on Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:52 pm


Stutterbug is a nervous pony with a short temper. He is a pegasuswho was raised in Cloudsdale. He gets queezy when flying. He has a thing for Splatter.
He bought a coffee cup shaped cafe in Ponyville and mans the place with some help from his roommate, CreamedCorn. Together they named it "Stuttering Hot Coffee Cafe".
His cutie mark is a steaming cup of coffee. His coat is lime green, his mane is a dark, forest-like green and he has brown eyes.


CreamedCorn is quite eccentric and handsome. He is an earth pony and was raised in a wealthy ranch near Manehatten. He is a business man, and a good one at that. He has a thing for Blackhat. He met Stutterbug on his way to Ponyville, where he hoped to settle down, but his business mind is giving him a hard time, and intends to turn Stutterbugs coffee shop into a chain.
His cutie mark is a suitcase with a yellow "$" on it. He has a light yellow coat and a darker yellow mane. His eyes are a light brown.


Cobblertuft is unstable and tough. She's CreamedCorn's sister. She is convinced that Corn is stalking her even though the opposite is true; she followed him to Ponyville. She takes shady jobs and shares rent in an apartment with a unicorn named Holiday. She hopes to get a baking job somewhere.
Her cutie mark is a pie. She has a mahogany mane and an orange coat. Her eyes are a dark orange.


Holiday is girly and excitable. She came to Ponyville in hopes of experiencing the holidays of a small town. She owns a decoration store that is also her apartment. She tends to go into depression about how fast she feels her childhood went and drinks as a result. She has a thing going on for Hostess. She grew up in a Trottingham.
Her is a pale blue, her mane is a bright blue. Her eyes are blue-purple. Her cutie mark is an ornament.


Foghorn is a grey pegasus, raised in Fillydelphia. She suffers from heavy bouts of insomnia. She didn't come to Ponyville for any particular reason. She is easily amused and impressed. Her coat is a light grey and her mane is a slightly darker, but still light grey. Her eyes are a red color.
Her cutiemark is a cloud of fog, since it's her job to roll the fog in on rainy mornings.


Theater is a dorky pony who came to Ponyville with hopes of broadening it's theatrical society. Theater acts high class and eccentric.
His coat is a very light grey that is nearly white, and he wears a dark grey wig. His eyes are green. Cutie mark is a sad mask.


Theater's half-brother and assistant; has a matching cutie mark with him. Handford used to be uptight and sophisticated, but he didn't have any friends, so he used his unicorn magic to create a persona, Handy, so he could socialize. He and his half-brother have wanted to work in showbiz since they were foals.
He has a light blue coat with black hair. His eyes are orange. Has a happy mask for his cutie mark.
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