Will anyone ever see this anyway.

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Will anyone ever see this anyway. Empty Will anyone ever see this anyway.

Post  Thalmor Justiciar on Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:18 am

its like a fear of mine
being ignored.
Feeling unneeded or unwanted.
So when you guys just ignore my questions or requests or whatever.
I just sit there and cry and don't even say anything.
Because I feel like I'll just seem like this giant baby/attention whore and bother you anymore than I feel I already am.
Sometimes I feel like I look like the one with the least problems but that isn't true!
I just
never mention it because I think I'll just seem like I'm trying to 1-Up you guys.
I know that self hate and paranoia and all the things you two have are way worse,
but it's like,
things that i have to tip-toe around to not hurt you, but there isn't that much you tip-toe around for me.
Which i know isn't true because Kate you have this giant list of things you don't do just for me.
When you stay stuff like I'm scary it really hurts,
Kate I don't have a SERIOUS tone when I "make fun" of you, do I?
Patty, when I ask something I really dont expect that much more than an answer!
What made you guys think that way?
Whatever it was, Im sorry.

Thalmor Justiciar
Thalmor Justiciar

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Will anyone ever see this anyway. Empty Re: Will anyone ever see this anyway.

Post  Mari on Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:28 pm

perhaps i'm not supposed to reply here
but we all have problems and that's part of the reason i found that whole argument thing more annoying than anything else
because we can't ever judge one another for anything because we're all equal


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